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Pneumatic Crimping Machine Series UP 14

Compact and sturdy

Experience the perfect beginning with a model from the pneumatic crimping machine series UP 14! Ideal for newcomers in the field of crimping machines, the UP 14 series offers not only a particularly good cost-effectiveness but also a variety of additional conveniences, which are way beyond standard.

With its 3147 lbf crimp force, the pneumatic crimping machine series UP 14 are able to effortlessly handle large electrical terminals. Furthermore, the machine series satisfies with a variety of crimping dies, that can easily be exchanged and will save time. Just like the large models, the UP 14 series was built compliant with the highest ergonomic demands and offers the user optimal comfort.

In addition to the standard version of UP 14 the special UP 14 BA machine version is equipped with a hand lever for opening and closing the crimp insert (in order to position the terminal precisely). Both machines work with radial closing mechanism. The UP 14 ZLW with linear closing mechanism is additional equipped with a sequence control system (for further ensuring the process quality).

Compact, reliable, fair - that's the UP 14 series! Are you ready to take the first step into the world of crimping machines with us? 

Data sheet UP 14
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