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Hydraulic Crimping Machine Series UP 150

Powerful and intelligent

For future crimping needs, finding space for a machine has been solved - the hydraulic crimping machine is a real miracle. Usually the hydraulic unit is always in the way, therefore it was easily integrated into the body of the machine.

With a crimp force of 33271 lbf, larger cross-sections are no longer a great challenge. Even the application of battery cables works simply, precisely and always produces the right crimping result. A special highlight of the UP 150 is the integrated crimp force monitoring, which autonomously controls force and compliance with tolerances during the crimping process. This allows a zero-defect production, whereby your production costs can further be optimized. Furthermore, the UP 150 is network-compatible and possess three authorization levers for operation.

Quiet, space-saving and without an adapter worldwide useable - the UP 150 will be the perfect solution for your production!

Data sheet UP 150
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