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Pneumatic insulation and sheath stripping device AKM 405

Sturdy and full of quality

The times when the stripping of large conductors posed a problem are in the past! With an adjustable conductor diameter of 4 mm up to 15 mm, the AKM 405 represents an innovation in the field of stripping machines.

The AKM 405 offers maximum flexibility due to its wide range of application, combined with ease of use and precise execution. The CE-compliant safety covers ensure the best possible safety for the user at all times. The conversion of the device is also user-friendly and time-saving, which guarantees an optimum result in the shortest possible time.

The AKM 405 not only impresses with its small footprint, wide range of application options and user-friendly operation, but also guarantees a high quality standard and long service life.

You can rest assured that the AKM 405 will be a valuable addition to your production operations, too!

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