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Electrical table stripping machine for enamelled copper wires

Abfräsfix is an electrical table stripping machine for enamelled wires.

The wire is inserted into the rotating blade head up to the length stop, while 5 blades mill off the insulating enamel. The stripping lengths and the milling diameter are continuously adjustable. The standard version of the Abfräsfix is supplied with spring steel blades. For particularly heavy-duty-use, carbide knives can also be provided.

A flexible shaft is available as a special accessory for workpieces which are difficult to handle.

Data sheet Abfräsfix


We at RH Kabeltechnik have the right solution when it comes to stripping enameled copper wires. Our self-developed stripping machine Abfräsfix offers you high precision and is versatile due to a wide range of wire thicknesses. The electric table stripping machine can process enameled copper wires up to 7 mm wire diameter.

In addition to the high precision of the stripping due to an exact diameter setting, our stripping machine is also characterized by the fact that it is suitable for large quantities and continuous operation. Furthermore, special solutions for special requirements are also possible. Together with you, we will find an optimal solution for your needs!

Electric stripping machine for stripping enameled copper wires.

Our electric bench top stripping machine Abfräsfix has been specially designed for stripping round wires. The operation is simple and easy to explain: The enameled wire is inserted into the rotating cutter head until the length stop set by you is reached. The stripping lengths and the milling diameter can be continuously adjusted on the stripping head.

During the process, five knives in the stripping head mill down the insulating varnish from your copper wire. Then pull the wire out and repeat the process with each of your wires that you want to strip.

Which versions of the electric wire stripping machine are available?

We supply our stripping machine for enameled copper wires in the standard version with installed spring steel blades. For copper wires that are difficult to handle, we recommend the version with carbide blades. The tungsten carbide blades ensure a longer service life for particularly heavy-duty applications.

Optionally, we offer a flexible shaft as a special accessory for workpieces that are difficult to handle. The flexible shaft can be used as a hand stripper. We will be happy to provide you with expert advice on your requirements!

The technical data of our electric stripping machine

  • round wires Ø: 0.8 - 5.0 mm or 4.0 - 7.0 mm
  • Stripping length: up to 45 mm (without length stop up to 75 mm and max. 3 mm Ø)
  • Mains connection: 230V / 50Hz
  • Speed: 2650 1/min
  • width: 110 mm
  • length: 230 mm
  • height: 140 mm
  • Weight: 4,5 kg
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